OEM & ODM Beauty Products

OEM/ODM Process

Top Notch Quality in OEM and ODM

Since its inception, Reviera Overseas has always been proud of its expertise in manufacturing quality equipment for cosmetic and beauty products. With a powerful R&D department to back our processes, we have been able to establish a credible reputation as an original equipment manufacturer for several cosmetic brands and dermatologists. Through our dedication and expertise, we have been able to attain prowess as one of the most credible cosmetics manufacturers in India. We have similar expertise in ODM services as well, wherein we help bring your ideas and formulations to fruition with our viable and comprehensive solutions. With your expert formulations and our manufacturing abilities, we stand out to be the pioneers of quality among cosmetic product manufacturer in Ahmedabad.
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Our Strengths

The strength of the processes we build for your beauty products and brand are based on our core competencies.

We are:

  • Disciplined
  • Cosmeceutically Aware
  • Quality-Oriented
  • Sincere

These qualities help us build an efficient customized OEM/ODM and in maintaining our stature as the top cosmetics product manufacturers in India. With expertise in unique cosmetic formulations, we have been able to ensure consistent progress and growth for our clients in the cosmetic and cosmeceutical industry.

Every OEM/ODM Process Goes Through:

Hair Care Products Manufacturer
  • Define the client requirements
  • Regular meetings and discussions on the requirements
  • Defining a strategy for manufacturing
  • Selection of packaging
  • Selection of specifications required
  • Approval of the final details
  • Finalizing the selected specifications
  • Discussing the options
  • Finalizing the final requirements and order
  • Manufacturing quality equipment
  • Creating a customized solution for the client
  • Sample approval and finalization
Quality Assurance
  • Quality check for each product manufactured
  • Special attention to aesthetics and packaging
  • Overall delivery of the client design

Highlights of Our Services

100% Make in India
OEM Beauty Products
Support from Renowned Global Research Institutes
ODM Beauty Products
Top Notch Quality Check Processes

Our Quality Care for Your Business

Being an expert in implementing highest quality standards in terms of derma cosmetics manufacturing, Reviera Overseas does much more than managing just the implementation. Our hi-tech technology and factory establishments symbolize our commitment to quality and consistency as cosmetic manufacturers in India. We define your expectations in alignment with our processes to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the end beauty products that are created by us.

As with any OEM and ODM services, we understand the importance of attention to detail required in derma products manufacturing, which is also one of our core competencies. Together, we are positive that we can realize all of your cosmetic and beauty formulations better than most OEM/ODM service providers in the country.

Outsource the OEM & ODM for Your Cosmetic Formulation to Us