Cosmetics And Cosmeceuticals: What Is The Big Difference?

Cosmetic Products

Cosmetic products are all over the market. New products are launched every single day, claiming to be the best! Every product serves as a solution for different skin concern. Many of you may consider cosmetics to be the products used for makeup. The term cosmeceuticals may seem to be new, and most of you may be unaware of. Although both of these sound similar, they are a lot different. Both of these terms are associated with beauty and are categorized under beauty products. However, the difference lies in their way of ideation and formulation.


Cosmetics are manufactured to beautify your skin. It contains ingredients that would beautify your skin externally. The results are immediate and temporary. It simply works on the outer layer of your skin and does not work on the quality of your skin internally. Therefore, even though the skin looks beautiful on the outside, the problem remains unsolved on the inside. This aggravates the skin concerns in the long run. Cosmetic products also include those that are widely used as makeup. It works as a shield to hide the damages. They are not always organic and also have high chemical proportion. It works for all skin types and is readily available in the market. Indian cosmetic industry boasts of various brands and products to beautify your skin and make your skin look great!


Cosmeceutical products are formulated keeping in mind your skin problems. It is a perfect combination of cosmetics, natural ingredients and scientific solution, and contain natural ingredients with healing properties. They are developed keeping in mind a particular concern or problem of your skin. And later, scientifically designed to cure issues related to skin. Cosmeceuticals are a result of thorough research by expert professionals and chemists to give the most effective products. A product – cream, gel, face wash etc. – when applied on to the skin, penetrates from the epidermis and acts around the dermis area. The ingredients used in this are effective compared to the ingredients used in normal cosmetics. It treats skin conditions like dry skin, acne problems, dark spots, reduction of collagen level, pigmentation, tan, damage through harmful UV rays, effects of rosacea on skin etc. The preparation of formula requires research as it involves many natural herbs and plants to solve a particular problem of your skin. For example, if you face concerns related to dry skin, you can use a product containing emollient or occlusive ingredients. These chemicals are scientifically tested before the use. This is the reason cosmeceuticals in India are costlier than cosmetic products.


Even though both serve the problems related to beauty, the following are some of the differences between the two:

  • Cosmetics temporarily treat your skin while cosmeceuticals treat the root cause of the skin concern, giving you permanent results.
  • Results through cosmetics are immediate and fast, while cosmeceutical products give slow but permanent results.
  • Experts do not recommend cosmetics. Dermatologists and Skincare professionals always recommend cosmeceuticals.
  • Cosmetics do not heal your damages they only cover up; Cosmeceuticals have ingredients that have rejuvenating properties.
  • Cosmetics are available in supermarkets, salons and departmental stores; cosmeceutical products are available at professional salons, dermatologists’ clinic or online by cosmeceutical manufacturers. etc.

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Posted in Knowledge Center on February, 2019